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High yield safe investments are hard to find - but do exist

All experienced investors know that a higher promised investment return usually implies a higher investment risk. There is no such thing as an entirely risk free investment. provides investors with a choice of fixed interest investments from ultra secure government bonds and local authority stock to sub investment grade high yielding bonds and capital notes. also has access to high yielding investments that may not be available through standard brokerages.

Very low risk attaches to government bonds and local body stock as these authorities are the only issuers of debt possessing the legal authority to impose taxes on citizens in order to support their issues if necessary. Sovereign debt issued by governments of developed economies should carry high investment grade ratings in the AA to AAA categories. Local authority stocks from these same countries should also carry high investment grade ratings from the likes of Standard and Poors, Fitch or Moodys. Tradeable, listed bonds from commercial banks and major corporations may also attain high investment gradings according to the issuers security as assessed by the rating agency. Relationship between risk and reward is generally well evaluated by rating agencies for issuers achieving these high investment grade ratings and consequently, returns are low.

Unfortunately many low yielding investments can also carry high risk which may not be clear to the investor. Conversely, some excellent high yield safe investments can be found amongst issuers of sub investment grade bonds and unrated, first ranking secured debenture stock. In some cases the issuing company simply has found no necessity to have the stock rated by an international agency. In other cases the issuing company may have excellent management with a long and unblemished history of meeting all payments of interest and capital when due but has not yet attained the sheer size necessary to gain an investment grade rating from one of the international agencies. This is where outstanding value is to be found but experience and skill is required in making selections. specialises in evaluating high yield investments backed by real security.

Many of these issues are open to international investors, both private or institutional.

Special very low taxation rates may apply to qualifying international investors.

For access to a range of secure high yield investments suitable for either a growth or income portfolio, contact

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